Kingfish at West Sound – By Howie

I am not, in any way, shape, or form, a guru in the ways of fine dining. Asking someone like me for advice on whether one fancy restaurant is better than another is more akin to asking a robin which tree is better for them to build a nest in. I will, however, argue vehemently that I love food (not that there’s anyone arguing with me, just a self-debate to pass the time), more so than others; be it American, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, the list would continue to the end of the page if I had my way (though my editor would have quite the hissy fit). So while I may be spouting off my own nonsense about what I think of a restaurant, I hope that my personal preferences invigorate you to explore new places, and sample new dishes, as I will be doing throughout these reviews.

Alright, enough BS; let’s get started with Kingfish at West Sound!

Kingfish boasts a wonderful view from the deck, and a decent view from the seat facing the front door (I’m told by my esteemed colleague that the bathroom door is quite nice, though not very appealing whilst eating). Low lighting at dinnertime helps accentuate the atmosphere for a pleasurable experience.

Drink orders were varied; my esteemed colleague chose a selection of wines throughout the meal, while I opted for a version of one-and-done with a draft of amber ale (the DD had his little bit of fun, but please drink responsibly). The full three-course meal started with both of us ordering appetizers; my esteemed colleague going with a (I’m told non-traditional) burrata, while I went simple and chose grilled bread spread with oil. Now, for someone as “uncultured” as myself, $4 for a single slice of bread seems a bit ridiculous, even if my esteemed colleague was served an appetizer almost five times that price. That being said, both were flavorful and not too filling, so as to balance our stomachs in anticipation for more.

Only at this point in the night did our service falter. Our appetizer plates after we finished them were left on our table for longer than I would imagine is usual. However, that could be normal depending on what proper dining etiquette says, and honestly, it was not a problem in the moment; only looking back did I think it might have been a smidge too long. Besides that insurmountably minor critique, the service was wonderful. In the spirit of the game I was lucky enough to be able to choose my entrée and erred on the side of caution (I am a casual diner after all), choosing a Fettuccine Primavera which I’d had my eye on since opening the menu the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by how filling it was, considering it had no meat. Now, that might be strange to say nowadays what with all the filling and flavorful ways vegetarian and vegan food can be prepared, but coming from me, an omnivore who tends to lean on the carnivorous side, that is high praise indeed !Pasta cooked to perfection, vegetables with a healthy bit of crunch, and asiago cheese to round it out (which, in my opinion, can round almost anything out); a bit heavy on the pepper, but I prefer it that way. The Bouillabaisse my esteemed colleague received was also, uh, very well-received by both of us, though you’ll have to read his review for a full scoop (heh…heheh). A perfect bowl of noodles for me!

It may not be a necessity, but dessert is always a welcome addition to any meal, be it cheap or be it pricey. I went with a gorgeous chocolate torte with a blackberry sauce on top and running off the side, while my esteemed colleague chose a set of (I’m told, also non-traditional) Beignets liberally covered in powdered sugar with the same blackberry sauce served as a dip. While I believe he made off with the better choice, I regret not the incredible richness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the blackberries languishing on my tongue for an extended time. My esteemed colleague shared, however, so we both enjoyed the best of both worlds. Richness is the dessert word of the day!

Kingfish, you did well; both my esteemed colleague and I walked away satisfied with your dishes and your service. While patrons may leave with a (possibly significantly)lighter wallet, the experience to be had there will imbue any visitor with good cheer and better satisfaction.

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